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Let me take this opportunity to introduce myself, I'm Thomas and along with my family we have always had a keen interest in wildlife and looking after God's creation. Our faith in Gods love sustains us and gives us hope now and always. Never has it been of greater importance to look after the environment. I have come to realise more and more just how important spending time in the natural world is. We all have experienced many difficulties in recent times and due to my disability, Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, I'm vulnerable and so have still had to be very careful about mixing with other people. Our garden especially has been my solace and a special space. Throughout the lockdowns and shielding over the last few years, it has been my love for wildlife and Gods creation, and his sustaining love for us that has kept me going.

With my dad Jerry, my birding buddy!

I have been a professional photographer for about five years now since graduating from UCA Farnham. I mainly take images of the natural world especially plants and animals. My photography is not only inspired by my love of nature, but also my Christian faith and provides an escape from my disability by focusing on my abilities. My faith to me is a symbol of hope expressed through my images of Gods creation. I think my connection to God's creation is one of the most tangible links to his love for us. My particular interest is as a bird watcher, but I love learning about all wildlife in all its forms. As well as wildlife, I'm a great lover of music especially classical and I enjoy composing my own music. I also sing and have been a member of our church choir since I was very young. My other hobbies include watching sport especially cricket and playing playstation and computer games.