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I'm Back!

Well I think it's fair to say it hasn't been the best few months for me! Unfortunately I came down with Covid and a nasty infection which left me in hospital for a couple of weeks! I'm glad to say I'm feeling much better now, but it's going to be a while before I'm back to full strength. In that time the garden has been a good source of healing with the birds to watch and plants growing. The tadpoles in our pond have really grown now with back and front legs.

The other exciting garden news from our garden is we have finished adding a further paved area after the box moths took out our box hedges. My dad built a new raised bed when I was ill and then finished the paving after I came home. We then had fun adding some pots with bee friendly plants and herbs for the raised bed. We also repositioned our bug hotel and bench for a seating area and put in a sail for shade. The final thing we have added is a pizza oven which we have already put to good use.

Here's me monitoring the pizza oven temperature!

The vegetables we put in are doing well and have grown massively! Unfortunately the slugs have eaten dads radishes which he wasn't too pleased with and some of the new plants for our new border in Norfolk! We have had some more welcome visitors though like a cute little bank vole that ran straight past me and pipistrelle bats flying around. We have also been inundated with baby birds, mostly starlings, which have been great fun to watch. We will be returning to Norfolk next week so hopefully more updates on that very soon!

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